What to Expect

What to Expect at HIS Ambassadors Fellowship

What should I wear?

With many different kinds of churches available in this area, it is understandable that people may wonder, “How should I dress?” Or, “Is one service time more casual than another?” At HIS Ambassadors Fellowship you will see many styles of clothing. No one style is preferred over another. Whether it is dresses, jeans, business-casual attire, or even suits and ties, modesty is the attribute considered most desirable. Because we believe the house of God is the place where we come to honor Him, we encourage you to be comfortable and want you to be able to worship the King of Kings without distraction. We want all of the attention to be on Jesus Christ. Our desire is that you may experience the awesome presence of the Lord, which will give you a desire to return to HIS Ambassadors Fellowship again and again.

Where do I park?

Our building is located at 815 Forward Dr., Madison, WI 53711.  When you turn on to Forward Dr. our building is on the right, just past the apartment building.  You can park anywhere in the parking lot and enter the building through the front door. You can take either the elevator or the stairs down to where we are meeting.  Go through the door farthest away from the stairs and elevator.


What is a service like at HIS Ambassadors Fellowship?

Our services combine music, prayer, teaching and preaching, which are all designed to bring glory to our God. We want everyone to feel comfortable joining in the praise and worship in whatever way suits you. Some people’s personality is more boisterous than others; some prefer to worship softly; but He deserves all our praise at every opportunity we have. For more information: Our Worship

On Wednesday evenings we have a Bible study format, which is usually more informal.  At the beginning of the Bible study, refreshments are available.  Interaction and questions are encouraged during the Bible study.

What about our children?

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings we have break out classes for various age groups, this includes youth classes and classes for preschool age children.