Meet the Pastor

Rev. George O’Neal and his wife, Pam O’Neal, are the founders and leaders of HAF (HIS Ambassadors Fellowship) on the West side of Madison, Wisconsin.

Rev. O’Neal’s ministry has touched lives all over the world. His credentials include, but are not limited to, the following:

Initiated and helped develop the Lighthouse Ranch for Boys (with Jim Yohe), a home for troubled youth, in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1972*; founding Pastor of three different churches (one in Germany, two in Madison, WI); started the jail ministry of Calvary Gospel Church; International Ministries Coordinator; he has worked with children, bus ministry, campus ministry; also worked as an evangelist, missionary, and more. He was ordained a minister with the United Pentecostal Church on July 19, 1983.

* The web site for Lighthouse Ranch lists 1979 as the starting date, as that is when Rev. Yohe relocated the project to Louisiana.

In 1977, a dream from God brought Pastor O’Neal to Madison, WI.

The powers of darkness have been fighting the establishment of a truth-teaching Apostolic Pentecostal church on the West side of Madison for more than fifty years. The successful, highly respected Calvary Gospel Church on the East side of Madison had its start here on the West side. Several other attempts have been made over the years, but all were short-lived.

With, faith, determination, the assurance of God, and a small team of faithful assistants, Pastor O’Neal is confident that the time is ripe for the permanent establishment of a church here. We will overcome and break the stronghold of the enemy in this province!

Pastor and Sister O’Neal’s Salvation Story

Pam O’Neal was 15 years old when her parents died in a plane crash. When “friends” from their church came by the house and took most of her parents’ valuables, she became disillusioned with the church, end even with God. She turned to drugs and alcohol for solace. By the age of 22, she was so depressed and empty inside, she attempted suicide.

Soon afterwards, her brother (and roommate), who had been dealing drugs, came home almost unrecognizable. He had been to a Pentecostal church and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and cut off his long hair. He then flushed the thousands of dollars worth of drugs in his possession down the toilet and burned his collection of rock and roll music. Still, Pam was not interested in God, at least not initially. But as her life continued to be a disappointment, she decided it “wouldn’t hurt” to take a look at the Bible. She read for hours and came to the conclusion that she needed to be born again. In 1977, she was baptized in Jesus’ name and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Pam loves working with children. She has worked with young children as a teacher/day care provider in the secular realm, as well as Sunday School. She also sings and plays piano, leading the praise and worship portion of services on Sundays.

She loves bright colors (the whole box of crayons), especially red. She enjoys any music that magnifies God, and ethnic foods.
Her advice for living a successful Christian life is: To get involved in ministry, and every church event, activity, and fellowship that you possibly can. Amen!

George was 13 years old when he followed in his father’s footsteps and started drinking. By time he was 17 (1966), he was a full-blown addict to drugs and alcohol. He joined the Marines right out of high school and soon found himself in Vietnam, still doing drugs and drinking to numb the pain of seeing his comrades die, and a life headed nowhere. From Vietnam, he was sent to Hawaii where a fellow Marine, Jim Brown (not the famous one), talked to him about Jesus. Typically, he resisted for a time; but as his life was spinning out of control, he eventually yielded to the draw of God. In November of 1969, he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at an Assembly of God church in Hawaii. A year later, he was baptized in Jesus’ name at Black Hills United Pentecostal Church in South Dakota. He had been born and raised in South Dakota by a Lutheran mother and a Catholic father. Rev. O’Neal was sold out to God from day one, and it wasn’t long before he got involved in ministry, and has remained in God’s service for more than 45 years now.
Rev. O’Neal is a fiery preacher, always inspiring others to go deeper in God.
He also likes ethnic food, especially Chinese; his work with Nepalese, Chinese, African, and other cultures has afforded him the opportunity to try many great cuisines of the world. He likes the classic hymns the best. His favorite color is baby blue.
His advice for a successful Christian life is: Be faithful to God’s Word, the Bible – which includes continual study of the word, and obedience to its precepts

George and Pam initially met at Calvary Gospel Church. While Pam was reluctant at first, George was persistent. Pam prayed and George persisted. Their prayers and persistence paid off and they were wed on April 12, 1979. They have served God together ever since. Along the way they have faced many trials, seen many miracles, and helped hundreds (at least) of hurting souls, fulfilling Jesus’ command to preach the gospel and minister to Him by serving others.

When the O’Neals were in Germany and Liana was four years old, she received 2nd and 3rd degree burns from a boiling coffee spill. The doctors told Pam that Liana would have permanent scars, which covered one side of her face, chest, and arm. After a few weeks, it would seem the doctors knew what they were talking about. Pam was distraught. But one night, at a revival church service in Germany, they all prayed for Liana’s healing. Today, the miracle is evident as there is no trace of scars , except for one little spot right on her arm – as a reminder of God’s goodness. Praise God!

One day, back in the 80s, Pastor O’Neal was headed out the door on his way to teach a Bible study. He missed a step and twisted his ankle. He was in so much pain, he couldn’t stand up, and the foot began to swell immediately. After being carried inside, they decided to call a doctor. Dr. Jesus. He arrived immediately and before long Pastor was out the door with a new foot/ankle. Hallelujah!